Mar 24, 2014

10 Tips for an Awesome U.S. Road Trip

What's the best road trip you've ever been on? Many of us have dreamed of going from one side of the country to the other via car, bike, or even foot. For those traveling on four wheels, consider 10 tips to make the trip even more amazing.

1.Find a Direction, But Don't Over Plan
The best road trips are usually those with some direction, but don't over do it. Spontaneous decisions about which way to go often create the best stories.

2. Carry a Spare Car Key
Even if you have a AAA account, there's nothing more frustrating than the delay of locking your keys in the car. Especially far from home. Think ahead by carrying a spare in your wallet or purse.

3. Pack Cash for Tolls
We learned from personal experience how important this is! Not knowing about the multiple tolls in West Virginia made us pay twice as much as we should have. Yes, it's a modern world, but having cash on hand is helpful for surprises.

4. Keep A Designated Trash Bag / Bin
When your life is packed up in a small car for more than a few days, things can get chaotic quickly. Designate a trash bag early on to stay organized. Preferably in a bin to keep out that banana peel smell.

 5. Pack the Right Gadgets (Hotspot & Multiple Device Car Charger)
Living in a connected world often means having multiple "gadgets," so make the investment to keep them charged with a multiple device car charger. Consider investing in a mobile Hotspot to offer WIFI on the go for all your travelers.

6. Bring an Old Fashioned Paper Map
Gadgets are useful, but they can fail or lose internet connectivity, so make sure to bring an old fashioned road map. Anyway, tracking your route on paper feels more personal and fun.

7. Make Frequent Stops to Take Pictures
Sometimes you get in the driving zone, especially if you have a specific destination in mind, and you may not stop frequently. Looking back on road trips, how many of us remember the actual driving part? The best moments are usually the stops, so the best story will come from many stops. Take pictures, often!

8. Create Your Own Games & Trivia
We all know those states that are just a bit boring to drive through, so make it fun with trivia. Buy a regional travel guide and quiz the travelers or look up trivia on your smartphone. You will learn something new and help pass the cornfields too.

9. Have a Conversation with a "Stranger"
In our car society, it's easy to go from Point A to B without talking to new people, even if A is New York City and B is Austin. Make it a point to meet new people by striking up conversations in gas stations, restaurants, parks, campsites, and hotels. See your road trip as a unique networking opportunity.

10. Remember Your Trip with a Custom State Map
So now you've finished your trip; what's next? Back to work and daydream about it? Why not see your favorite state illustrated as a unique way to honor your trip? Check out two examples of these maps below, and be the first to suggest the next state map. Will it be of Tennessee, where you crossed paths with a black bear, or Florida where you met a cool Colombian?

An Easy Process: Your State Map to Remember An Awesome Trip
The process is simple, and we invite you to visit our Etsy shop for the simple process: Get Your State Custom Map Illustration in 3 Steps. You can even make special requests for the customization. Enjoy!

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